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KNCHR Reproductive Health Report

Sexual  and  reproductive  health  is  a  fundamental  human  right  as  well as human development issue that states must strive to fulfill. This  right is guaranteed in various international and regional human rights  instruments as well as national laws and policies.

Kenya is a state party to various international and regional human  rights instruments that guarantee the right to sexual and KNCHR-Reproductive-health-reportreproductive  health. Furthermore, the Constitution of Kenya 2010, for the first time  guarantees the right to health care including reproductive health.  It further provides that no one shall be denied emergency medical  treatment  and  that  the  State  shall  provide  appropriate  social  security to persons who are unable to support themselves and their  dependants. (Article 43(1) (a) (2) and (3)). The government has also  developed a number of policies and established various institutions  that seek to promote and protect the sexual and reproductive health  rights of Kenyans. As such, Kenya is obligated to work towards the  fulfillment of this right in line with these international and domestic  standards.

KNCHR Reproductive health report

KNCHR Reproductive health report

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