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Founded in 2004, Gay Kenya Trust which is a member of the Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya (GALCK, is renowned for its human rights and media advocacy programs.  The organization works with a range of agencies to address the needs and rights of LGBs in the wider community.

  1. Lobbying for legal change

GKT is lobbying for enactment of legislation that is based on principles of equality and non-discrimination to ensure that the diversity and value of LGB life is appropriately recognized in the Kenyan laws.

The organization engages government departments, policy institutions and partners to develop inclusive policies and improve the lives of lesbians, gay and bisexual people in Kenya.ima

2.      Information Dissemination

Well informed individuals and institutions are better able to recognize how rights and responsibilities should be exercised. Gay Kenya’s media advocacy programs are specifically aimed at raising public awareness on LGB issues to tackle homophobia, stereotyping and advocate for tolerance.In addition GKT promotes reporting and documentation of research on issues such as hate crime, LGB health and wellbeing.

GKTs communication programs target to challenge underlying cultural and attitudinal values that allow discrimination to flourish by changing attitudes to positively value diversity. Indeed the organization’s catchphrase is derived from this component, ‘bridging the diversity gap’.

a)     Publications

Gay Kenya has published three books – Breaking the Walls of Criminalization (2012), My Way Your Way or the RIGHTS Way, (2011) and) Understanding Homosexuality in Kenya (2005).

  1. Media Advocacy

Gay Kenya Trust has cultivated a strong media presence via radio and TV interviews, shows and live recordings.

  1. Focus on LGB Empowerment and “Ageing Needs.”


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