Image taken from Tactical Tech's Info-Activism camp in Italy in 2013.

Building on our work training on digital security and supporting women’s rights information-activism, Tactical Tech is organizing a 6-day event in early December 2014 to provide the opportunity for up to 50 women and trans people to increase their understanding and practice of digital security and privacy, and learn tools and techniques for sharing this with others.

We will be opening the formal application process in mid-September, but if you would like to register your interest in advance, please email us at There are more details of the event below, and we will keep posting more information, so watch this space. You can also stay ahead of the curve by following us on Twitter or subscribing to our monthly newsletter.

[Job opening: We’re looking for a Project Coordinator to take on a challenging new project at Tactical Tech, which would include being the lead coordinator of this event.]


A baseline understanding and application of digital security and privacy practices is becoming essential for everyone living online -particularly those involved in work that tends to attract adversaries, such as activism, media and politics.

For women, the threat escalates. Women, women’s rights activists, journalists and online activists who are vocal and visible in their communities in openly challenging social norms and norms around gender experience varying levels of hostility, abuse and violence. Not only are their public profiles threatened, but their emotional and mental wellbeing, their work, and their networks are too.These kinds of violence infringe on women’s right to freedom of expression and assembly. (Read morehere.)

The event will have two main aims: first, to train women and trans people who are either women’s rights activists or are embedded in local networks/organisations, as digital security trainers; and second, to support influential and vocal women and trans people to become more articulate champions of privacy.

The event will run along two tracks: one will focus on tools and techniques to do trainings and workshops on digital security; the other will focus on sharing information and ideas through more informal channels – through, for example, online and offline conversations about privacy, risks and vulnerabilities online and offline, and how to mitigate these.

Tactical Tech will support 35 people from emerging networks in Africa, post-Soviet states, the Arabic-speaking region, South & South-East Asia and Latin America – to attend this event. We invite 15 self- or organisation-funded individuals (from any region) to join us. English will be the working language of the event.

For more on what our events are like, take a look at what we did at the 2013 Info-Activism Camphere. You can also look at some of our materials on digital security and privacy:  Security in-a-boxand  Me and my Shadow.


We are hosting this event to support two kinds of people: those who want to become digital security trainers, and those who want to learn more about these issues and feel that they can share their learnings with their networks.

If you want to be part of the digital security training track, at least two of the following criteria should describe you:

  • You are the kind of person who understands the tech, or are a techie/hacker but don’t necessarily know how to explain digital security so that others can understand and practice it.
  • You understand and practise digital security and privacy but want to strengthen your tech and training skills.
  • You are a workshop facilitator or are training on closely related topics and consider yourself tech-savvy, and want to add digital security and privacy to your skill-set.

 If you want to join the privacy advocacy track, you should fit at least one of the following:

  • You have strong online and offline networks and support other organisations and individuals who could benefit from digital security and privacy advice.
  • You are a prominent women or trans leader and know your way around the internet, and also know that security and privacy are problems that need to be addressed.

 Both digital security trainers and privacy advocates will participate in co-designing curricula and resource materials with Tactical Tech and its partners for use with other women and trans people, and movements around gender justice and freedom of expression.


What: A 6 day workshop

Where: To be confirmed

When: Tentatively between November 28 and December 82014 (save the date!)

Who: Women & trans people

What: Learning digital security training skills and how to influence discussions about online privacy.

Applications & nomination process will be announced mid September 2014.