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Everything you need to know about Africa’s anti-gay crackdown

Uganda and Nigeria have launched campaigns to ban homosexuality and throw gays in jail. Why now? What is the goal of the new laws? To criminalize homosexuality and "cleanse" these two countries' societies of gay people. In January, Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan signed a new anti-gay law that mandates 14-year prison terms for anyone in a same-sex union and 10 years for anyone who "promotes" homosexuality, including HIV/AIDS workers. In February,

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Gays protest Uganda’s ‘Kill the gays bill’ in Nairobi, ask Uhuru to talk to Museveni

NAIROBI, KENYA: The gay and lesbian community in Kenya Monday came out to plead with the Ugandan Government not to assent to a bill that criminalizes homosexuality acts in Uganda. Draping the rainbow colours commonly associated with gays and lesbians, the protestors staged peaceful demonstrations outside the Ugandan High Commission offices after they failed to get audience with the Ugandan Higher Commissioner to hand a letter petitioning against

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Author’s Bold Move Aims To Challenge Anti-Gay Attitudes
This picture taken on January 12, 2012 s

Binyavanga Wainaina, Kenyan Author, Comes Out As Gay To Challenge Homophobic Laws Influential Kenyan author Binyavanga Wainaina has revealed he is a homosexual in an autobiographical short story released to protest anti-gay laws on the continent. One of Africa's most powerful writers and a founder of the Nairobi-based literary network Kwani, Wainaina published a story online at the weekend that announced his sexual orientation, entitled "I am a Homosexual,

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A Gay Kenyan’s Gang Rape (Part 1): The Blessing

On the morning of Dec. 11, 2007, Anthony Adero decided to leave his hometown forever and head to the capital, because he wanted to kiss a man for the first time in his life. He packed the few essentials needed for his five-hour trip, little things that carry weight, like family photographs and a prerecorded cellphone message from his baby sister; he felt soothed whenever he heard her giggles. What he could not stuff into his suitcase he packed in

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A Gay Kenyan’s Gang Rape (Part 2): The Resurrection

Anthony Adero granted me the privilege and the honor of discussing with him his redemptive experience following the trauma of being gang raped. We delved into his "afterlife," his journey through fear, denial and social resistance, and the overwhelming difficulty of finding the expressive language to capture an awful occurrence that grew into a blessing as he reclaimed his body before the world. Nick Mwaluko: Following the rape, you were in recovery,

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Gay Kenyans warn Uganda-style anti-gay bill is coming
Kenyan LGBT supporters protest against Uganda's anti-gay bill

Parliamentary group has launched in Nairobi with the aim of enforcing more extreme anti-gay laws in Kenya  Gay rights activists are fighting to stop a Uganda-style anti-gay bill in Kenya. Denis Nzioka, a gay rights activist in Kenya, and his colleagues are planning to combat against an anti-gay parliamentary caucus to [caption id="attachment_201" align="alignright" width="400"] Photo by Denis Nzioka/Twitter[/caption] address the ‘issue’ of homosexuality.

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